Video is the future and business needs to keep up

Over the next five years the internet is going to change from a text based platform to a mainly video one, are you ready for it. Just take a quick look around today and you will see just how much video is bing produced and what your competitors  are already doing.


Control how the world sees you

By making your own video content you can show the world your best side or let them know the full range of what it is you do. Building a relationship with your customers even when you are closed.


Connect with your customers

A short movie can create an emotional connection where words will struggle. The visual language of film is something people understand completely and find very easy to absorb. Just think about how many moving images you encounter everyday from your phone or to your computer, even standing in line to pay at the checkout in a shop.

You don’t have to be Spielberg to create something

You just have to know your own business

Hi there my name is Fiach Cooling

Myself and my team have been working in advertising and creating content for over 25 years.

I am fluent in all the aspects of working with video and audio

Currently I work mainly with final cut after effects and logic but I have in the past worked with avid , premier, protools motion and other platforms. I am happy to work with DSLR or video cameras and I have a strong understanding of how to bring a project through all of its various stages to completion.

In my professional life I have had a broad level of experience. Ranging from – the time sensitive world of live broadcast production, to the detail and political nature of national television advertising campaigns in the United States. I have worked with band’s like U2 and products as varied as orange juice to clothing lines. I am good with people and work well with deadlines.

I began working in SEO in the traditional sence before the Florida Update to Google’s algorithm hit and have watched the algorithm’s progression over time. I now specialise in the optimisation of media, images and video mainly. I have come to video optimisation as a producer rather than a coder or designer which I feel gives me a strong understanding of the holistic approach needed for successful search engine marketing and optimisation of your content. A well optimised PPC campaign will safe you a lot of money and get you better results. Google want s to put the right add in front of the right person so that they keep there customers satisfied and they make money because of this if you get your SEO right on your PPC strategy they will reward you with great placement and much cheeper rates, I can show you how.

Some things we can do for you

Pre Production & Planning
Shooting & Editing
SEO & Marketing Movies
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Planning your movie

Things to consider

What do you want the movie to do for you

Are you developing brand awareness or promoting a service or product.

Will the movie have a set time span that it is relevant for (i.e.. a specific time and place) or do you need it to be evergreen.

How will it bring value to your customers…….because if there is no value there is no point (no one will watch it)

Who do you want in your video, can somebody in your workforce do it or do you want to hire professionals to deliver your message.

What is your budget, not just for its creation but to market it when finished.

Is it to fit within your current marketing strategy or can it stand alone.

Each of these questions will create even more questions and ideas, so why not speak to me and let me answer any questions you may have.

The main aspects of our work flow

How your video happens
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Planning where you want to go

What is the video about, who is it designed for, how will we shoot it, how will we measure success.
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Where planning pays off

Day of the shoot
Before a camera comes out of a bag we will know the order of shots needed and all the key attributes needed to make your movie a success. Are there interviews, do we have product shots or behind the scenes footage of your business. everything we will need for the story.
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Creating the final results

Post Production
After shooting, the first thing we do is get the footage in to the computers. check things against our shot list and prepare the film and its various segments. If you need motion graphics or special effects and music, this is when this will happen. A rough edit will be prepared for each movie so that we can discuss the direction and continue to improve for the final edit.
“I see video as a mega trend, same order as mobile,”……. Mark Zuckerberg
Marketing Strategy
What do the movies need to do
Do you have marketing materials already, if you like them there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We can create movies for you that will fit in with your company legend. If you are looking for help developing a new look we can help you with that as well.
What platforms are the videos for, different places for different people can require different version of the same theme.
Controlling the meta data
Video SEO is no different to any other optimisation that you are doing for your website or social content. If you are going to to go to all the trouble of making a video then you should take that final step and make your movie available to as many of your potential customers as possible. SEO is very important for PPC as well, if you want to see your CPC dropping you need to plan you landing pages and video well to se your money go much much further.
Keyword Strategy
An ever developing plan
If you have a keyword strategy already in place we can help you distil the relevant verticals for your video. If you don’t we can help you prepare a keyword list for each video individually. If your video is targeted for PPC a well optimised video and landing page can drastically reduce the cost of each individual click you pay for.

Other examples are available upon request

Some work
Sprung Gym Building
Sprung Gym Building
Product based interview
Sex Dissaggreated Data in Banking
Sex Dissaggreated Data in Banking
Industry specific training
Coder DoJo
Coder DoJo
Microsoft Project at Digital Hub
American Express
American Express
Relentless with Tiger Woods
Pringles TV Commercial US Market
Pringles TV Commercial US Market
TV commercial for Grey Worldwide, NYC
Banking CEO’s Short Form Interviews
Banking CEO’s Short Form Interviews
Recorded at NAWest HQ London


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What client’s have had to say
Regau Flowers from theseonewyorker.com
Working with Fiach Cooling on our video projects took the weight off of our shoulders and when working on tense legal website projects, that’s worth its weight in gold!
Regau Flowers
CEO theseonewyorker.com

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